Construction Management Graduate Certificate Programs

Updated: Dec 19, 2023

Construction management education is an important tool for developing professional skills for decision-makers within the construction industry. From managing on-the-ground resources and people to regional developments for big projects, formal qualifications help construction professionals improve their on-the-job skills.

A graduate certificate in Construction Management is one such pathway to pursue regardless of your chosen area of construction. Some organizations require niche skills and qualifications for important projects along with industry certification.

What Are the Online Construction Management Graduate Certificate Requirements?

Construction Management Graduate Certificates will expect applying students to fulfill a list of entry requirements. Documentary evidence may be required:

  • A relevant bachelor's or master's degree in construction or another related subject
  • A completed application form and any fees
  • A minimum GPA score (usually 3.0 on the 4.0 scale) along with supporting transcripts
  • Two recommendation letters – either academic or professional
  • A personal statement (typically 500 words) on why you want to obtain this graduate certificate
  • In some cases, you may also be expected to complete a short industry-specific essay question
  • If you do not speak English as a first language, most colleges will ask that you learn through a formal qualification and attain certification. Acceptable standards are IELTS, TOEFL, and PTEA. Some accept DuoLingo and the ELS112 course

What Type of Classes Are Included in the Online Construction Management Graduate Certificate Curriculum?

Construction Management Graduate Certificates are made up of a mix of mandatory and optional courses:

  • Construction Control Techniques
  • Cost Estimating and Bidding Strategies
  • Risk Management in Construction
  • Applied Construction Project Management
  • Construction Contract Administration
  • Strategic Management in Construction
  • Managing Construction Quality and Production
  • Construction Operations and Strategic Management
  • Sustainable Site Development
  • Construction Management Training and Development
  • Construction Leadership and Marketing
  • Construction Accounting and Financial Management
  • Law for Construction Managers
  • Preconstruction Project Management
  • Construction Leadership and Marketing
  • Real Estate Development Process

What Type of Career Can I Pursue with an Online Construction Management Graduate Certificate?

A Graduate Certificate in Construction Management will typically lead to the following types of roles. This list is not exhaustive:

  • Safety Director: This senior-level role is responsible for everything about safety on a job site, including procedures. When not on-site, you'll develop safety plans and policies in line with the law.
  • Construction Engineer: If you also have a background in engineering and wish to remain on the front line of construction, construction management is a great additional qualification.
  • Senior Manager: This broad title has positions available in most areas of construction. Whatever your interest or expertise, you will find a suitable outlet.
  • Building Services Director: You will be responsible for a range of building services such as procurement and overseeing the installation of utilities, security, elevators, electrical systems, and much more.
  • Chief Construction Office: You'll meet with clients and act as the main point of contact between stakeholders on a project. Ultimately, you will be responsible for ensuring a project goes smoothly.
  • Quantity Surveyor: If you have the right background, your role is to estimate costs and resource requirements for projects – including the cost of adhering to legal standards.
  • Project Manager: Another title with a broad scope, your role is to oversee certain time-limited projects. You may have a succession of projects throughout a construction project's life.
  • Construction Coordinator: You will manage a team of construction professional specialists and laborers to deliver specific tasks towards a project. You have budget, time, and resource responsibilities.
  • Purchasing Coordinator: Your job is to oversee the purchasing of items, resources, and hiring of equipment during a project.
  • Building Inspector: Construction also includes examining the built environment for faults and devising repair projects, extensions and upgrades to ensure safety adherence and risks.
  • Site Manager: Also known as construction managers, they supervise sites while work is ongoing to ensure efficient day-to-day operations including safety checks.

Construction Management Graduate Certificate Programs List

Interested in a construction management graduate certificate program? Check out our listings below to find a traditional, online, or hybrid program near you.


LSU OnlineBaton Rouge, LAOnline - Construction Management


University of Missouri-Kansas CityKansas City, MOHybrid - Construction Management


Mississippi State UniversityMississippi State, MSHybrid - Construction Management


Drexel UniversityPhiladelphia, PAOnline - Construction Management

South Dakota

South Dakota School of Mines and TechnologyRapid City, SDHybrid - Construction Management


University of Texas at El PasoEl Paso, TXOnline - Construction Management

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