Media & Communications Graduate Certificates Areas of Interest

Updated: May 1, 2024

A Media & Communications online graduate certificate (known sometimes as a post-bachelor’s, post-master’s, or post-graduate certificate) is a certificate program that helps professionals reach higher career levels. This program type is for those who have already completed either a bachelor's or master's degree within the communications field. It is essentially an additional qualification to channel skills and experiences toward a more specialized area. Earning an online graduate certificate in Media & Communications can open professional doors that would otherwise be closed or strictly limited. Consider the following before pursuing any Media & Communications graduate certificate:

  • A full-time program typically comprises two semesters and one academic year when studying on campus
  • A part-time program is spread over a longer period. Most students will complete in two years at one semester each year
  • Credits are typically between 9 and 18 credit / semester units (varies by establishment)
  • Most schools expect minimum 3.00 GPA. Some prestigious universities may expect a minimum 3.50 GPA

Why Get an Online Graduate Certificate in Media & Communications?

An online Media & Communications graduate certificate:

  • Imparts specialist knowledge, or training and skills, in specialty areas of communications
  • Enables the right skillset for certification and licensing for those roles that require such additional measures to attain relevant employment
  • Improves employability across the board in media and communications, adding niche skills not acquired elsewhere
  • Opens doors into senior management and executive roles, project work, and senior administration
  • The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that graduate certificate salaries are higher on average than those who stop their education at the master's degree level
  • The online Media & Communications grad certificate can lead to job security and lower unemployment risk
  • Opportunities for professional networking within the communications field are greater
  • Great preparation for doctorate-level programs and for very senior roles like government communication or lobbying

Online Media & Communications Graduate Certificate Specializations

Media & Communications graduate certificates are available in the following specializations:

Graduate Certificates in Conservation Communications
Graduate Certificate in Communication for Conservation

If you have a background in communications and a passion for environmental causes, a graduate certificate in Communication for Conservation can help you work in a field where you can make a difference.

Graduate Certificate in Communication Management

Communication Management Graduate Certificates (also referred to as Business Communications Management Certificates) are postgraduate programs for those who wish to specialize in a more refined area of the field.

Graduate Certificate in Health Communication

Those with communications backgrounds who wish to further specialize in healthcare (or vice versa) can consider earning a Health Communications Graduate Certificate. This certificate can lead to roles in the communications department of hospitals and healthcare organizations, handling PR, social media, and being the liaison between these organizations and the general public.

Graduate Certificate in Organizational Communication

Organizational Communication Graduate Certificates are a special type of communications qualification aimed at business graduates who wish to craft and hone messages to customers and potential customers. It also involves internal communications, designed to improve corporate messaging across the board.

Graduate Certificate in Strategic Communication

A Strategic Communication Graduate Certificate is ideal for business and communications grads considering a career in large, broad-scale communications. This can include government campaigns, communicating concepts and ideas globally. Career options for these graduates include global politics and business outreach – especially for startups seeking investments.

Graduate Certificate in Technical Communication

A technical communication graduate certificate can lead professionals in the digital, scientific, design, or publication worlds into a specialized career in technical communication. This may include writing/editing technical documents and manuals, managing web pages, creating technical illustrations and designs, and much more.