Education & Teaching Graduate Certificates Areas of Interest

Updated: May 6, 2024

An Education & Teaching Graduate Certificate (also known as a post-bachelor’s certificate, post-graduate certificate, or post-master’s certificate) is a certificate program that students can take following a bachelor’s or master's degree to gain further specialized knowledge. Both education and the liberal arts areas are so broad; for graduates considering entering a niche area in the field, a post-grad certificate program can help them focus on their preferred specialty to reach their career goals. Graduate certificates impart specific knowledge, skills, training, and experiences over and above undergrad and master's-level education degrees. However, it's important for students to understand the following when researching Education & Liberal Arts graduate certificate options:

  • Studied full-time, an Education & Teaching graduate certificate typically takes one academic year (two semesters)
  • The length can be spread out over two years for part-time study (one semester per year)
  • Each educational institution varies its credits, and you will find programs that require anything from 12 to 18 credits. Should the student wish to study for a Ph.D. or equivalent in the future, post-grad credits are usually applicable toward this
  • You will typically find a 3.0 GPA requirement for most applicants. However, Ivy League or other prestigious educational institutions may require a higher GPA (3.5 or above)
  • As some educational roles involve working with children, licensing and background checks may be required for most Education graduate certificate programs

Why Get an Online Graduate Certificate in Education & Teaching?

An Education & Teaching graduate certificate will:

  • Prepare you in a niche area of education for specialist job roles
  • Provide access to a range of careers that might require further licensing and in-depth knowledge of that specialty area
  • Improve candidate employability across the education sector
  • Open doors to senior roles in Education, Teaching, and Administration
  • Lead to higher salaries and greater job security
  • Open opportunities in niche areas where there are skills shortages
  • Give you access to specialist professional networking
  • Help propel you toward an education research program like a Ph.D. (if you wish to continue your studies)

Online Education & Teaching Graduate Certificate Specializations

Education & Teaching graduate certificates come in a variety of specialty areas:

Graduate Certificate in Academic Advising

Those in teaching or counseling professions may wish to earn a Graduate Certificate in Academic Advising to help students navigate and stay on track with their educational and career goals. Academic Advisors can work in high school or college settings.

Graduate Certificate in Adult Continuing Education

Adult Continuing Education Graduate Certificates are specialized certificates for qualified teachers. Adult learners include those whose primary education was disrupted or lacking, immigrants and refugees learning English, and those considering a new career.

Graduate Certificate in Art Education

Art Education Graduate Certificates are for artists and other creative professionals who wish to teach art to adults and children. Art is a skill to hone and with techniques and now technologies of the trade, it requires formal education. You make work in art schools, public schools, or as a private instructor.

Catholic School Leadership Graduate Certificate
Graduate Certificate in Catholic School Leadership

There are many opportunities waiting for you in Catholic school leadership. Learn the steps you need to take to start your next career.

Graduate Certificate in Composition and Rhetoric

Those interested in language instruction and discourse may find that a Composition and Rhetoric Graduate Certificate is an excellent addition to an existing bachelor's or master's degree. This certificate enhances teaching, education administration, law, writing, and communications careers, amongst others.

Graduate Certificate in Curriculum & Instruction

A Curriculum & Instruction Graduate Certificate program is for those with master’s degrees in education. This will tailor your existing qualification to develop training and education courses and enhance school curricula for better learning and student outcomes.

Graduate Certificate Programs in Dyslexia
Graduate Certificate in Dyslexia

A Graduate Certificate in Dyslexia can help teachers and educators obtain specific skills in helping dyslexic students learn and read effectively.

Graduate Certificate in Early Childhood Education

If you are considering a career in education, specifically teaching the youngest students, then an Early Childhood Education Graduate Certificate may be for you. It will hone your skills in early education, including pre-school, kindergarten, and the first few grades, to set kids up for future study.

Graduate Certificate in Education Administration

If your career desires in teaching includes organization and administration, a graduate certificate in Education Administration is ideal for you. This program will put you in the ideal place to administer and manage school environments at the elementary, high school, college, or adult continuing education levels.

Graduate Certificate in Education Policy

With an Education Policy Graduate Certificate, you will tackle many of the day-to-day problems that face education policy at the local and state level. You will look at both historical and contemporary issues facing education.

Graduate Certificate in English Language Teaching

English Language Teaching Graduate Certificates suit English and education grads that have a strong command of language, who wish to teach English to non-native speakers. You can work overseas or in the U.S. teaching immigrants who wish to adapt and assimilate into the American way of life.

Graduate Certificate in Health Education

Considering a career in teaching and inspiring communities to lead healthier lives? A Health Education Graduate Certificate may be your ideal entry point to teaching and education. Work in schools or hospitals, or in public-facing roles such as community public health outreach and awareness campaigns.

Graduate Certificate in Instructional Design

Instructional Design Graduate Certificates help you enter a career designing learning environments developing curricula and evaluating existing materials. Job options includes teaching, independent education, and adult learning administration.

Graduate Certificate in International & Comparative Education

International & Comparative Education Graduate Certificates impart the skills for teachers to look outwards, compare international standards, and examine and implement them. Ideally suited for those in school administration and policy, this certificate also emphasizes cultural sensitivity in diverse educational spaces.

Graduate Certificate in Math Education

Math Education Graduate Certificates are for STEM grads who desire a career in education, particularly teaching mathematics to children, teen, and adult learners. Supplement your postgraduate degree to teach those who need either basic math or those looking to improve their mastery of more in-depth concepts.

Graduate Certificate in Reading Education

Interested in specializing in teaching children or adults to read? A Reading Education Graduate Certificate may be the ideal qualification for you, additional to your English language or education degree qualifications.

Graduate Certificate in Special Education

Special Education Graduate Certificates are for education grads whose passion lies in teaching special education children. This includes those with disabilities and learning difficulties. You may work in schools, as a private tutor, as an educational advisor, and more.