IT & Data Science Graduate Certificates Areas of Interest

Updated: Mar 6, 2024

An IT & Data Science graduate certificate (also known as a post-bachelors certificate, post-masters certificate, or post-graduate certificate/PGC) is a certificate program taken after a bachelor’s or master's degree, depending on the type of certificate program. It is for those who wish to tailor their studies and career to a specific niche. These programs provide specialist training, skills, and experience to help students interested in IT & Data Science grow their careers and expertise. If you are considering an IT & Data Science grad certificate, it's important to understand the following:

  • Certificates typically take one year of full-time study on campus. It consists of two semesters
  • If you choose part-time campus study, this is spread over a longer period – typically two years
  • Depending on the school, the required credits are usually between 12 and 18. These may also be used for further study
  • Most programs expect a 3.0 GPA for applicants. Some prestigious establishments might require a higher GPA
  • Some certificates may require licensing or background checks (for example cybersecurity or government programs requiring clearance)

Why Get an Online Graduate Certificate in IT & Data Science?

An IT & Data Science graduate certificate:

  • Fine-tunes your knowledge of a broad area for specialist software/systems
  • Aids acquisition of certifications in certain niches that require post-graduate qualifications and in-depth knowledge
  • Improves employability in most areas and opens doors for specialist IT and computing roles
  • Opens senior management and executive roles in some of the world's biggest tech companies
  • Pay is higher when you have niche skills that you can only acquire through graduate certification
  • This can lead to higher levels of job security
  • Gives grads the ability to work in industries and roles with ongoing skills shortages
  • Can be a great stepping stone towards further studies such as research and Ph.D. degrees

Online IT & Data Science Graduate Certificate Specializations

IT & Data Science graduate certificates are available in the following niches and specializations:

Graduate Certificate in Artificial Intelligence & Robotics

Artificial Intelligence & Robotics Graduate Certificates are designed for electrical engineers considering a career in this growing computing area. Develop the next generation of robotic devices and computer systems for research, military, and even consumer use.

Graduate Certificate in Bioinformatics

Bioinformatics Graduate Certificate programs for professionals with a background in both biology and information technology. This area of study involves analyzing statistical and other data for powerful science-based decision making. It also concerns storage and processing. Ideal careers include public health and pharmaceutical research.

Cloud Computing Graduate Certificates
Graduate Certificate in Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is a valuable profession that's becoming increasingly marketable. Learn the educational options available to those looking to enter this trade.

Graduate Certificate in Computer Engineering

Computer Engineering Graduate Certificates are an additional qualification for electrical engineers who wish to specialize in computing systems. Applications include system design and implementation, as well as hardware development. Ideal careers include corporate and government systems and scientific research.

Graduate Certificate in Computer Information Systems

Graduate Certificates in Computer Information Systems, also known as Information Systems, help grads gain a deeper understanding of CIS applications. You will learn programming and coding infrastructure, analytics, and information systems project management. Ideal careers include big data for business and government, research, and programming.

Graduate Certificate in Cyber Security

A Cyber Security Graduate Certificate program is ideal for IT grads guiding their career towards the protection of data and systems. Threats like phishing and ransomware impacts business data and costs thousands. Your career options with this certificate include private security, data systems protection, government data protection, and more.

Graduate Certificate in Data Science

Data Science Graduate Certificates are advanced qualifications involving the growing field of computing data and processes in the application of science to understand the results of wide studies or broad sources. Uses include pharmaceutical research, climatology, astrophysics, and even business development.

Graduate Certificate in Information Technology

Information Technology Graduate Certificates are for those with computer science backgrounds who wish to design, implement, and manage computing systems. This program is suitable for IT engineers, coders, and anyone else with relevant qualifications.

Graduate Certificate in Telecommunications Technology

Telecommunications Technology Graduate Certificates are a special type of IT / computing qualification that focuses on telecommunication systems. This includes telephone networks, internet, and Wi-Fi, but it also includes satellites, GPS, television, and radio.

Graduate Certificate in Theory & Applications of Regression Models

If you like problem-solving and using statistics to solve them, a Theory & Applications of Regression Models Graduate Certificate might be a great fit. This program teaches students to use data to make predictions and examine what has already happened.