Engineering Graduate Certificates Areas of Interest

Updated: Jan 5, 2024

An online Engineering Graduate Certificate is for prospective students with bachelor’s or master's degrees who wish to enhance their existing education with niche knowledge in an engineering specialty. Engineering graduates in one area will usually need minimal training to enter a different area of specialization, and that's where the Engineering Graduate Certificate comes in. Keep in mind that some schools refer to the graduate certificate as a post-bachelor’s certificate, post-master's certificate, or post-graduate certificate.

Some points of note before you consider applying:

  • Engineering Graduate Certificates normally take one academic year to complete (two semesters).
  • Some programs allow part-time study over two or so years so that students can work around jobs and other commitments.
  • The required number of credits per hour for an online Engineering Grad Cert varies between 9 and 36. This will depend on the specialty certificate chosen as well as the education/coursework the student has previously completed.
  • In most cases, you may later use these grad cert credits toward a Ph.D. if desired.
  • Entrance requirements include a minimum GPA. This will vary by the institute from 3.0 to 3.5.

Why Get an Online Graduate Certificate in Engineering?

Pursuing an online Engineering Graduate Certificate will help you gain the following:

  • Specialized knowledge in engineering above and beyond that of a master's degree, usually introducing the student to a more specialized area.
  • Access to a wider jobs market, especially those that require skills in different engineering disciplines.
  • Higher salaries are usually offered to those with specialized engineering education.
  • Due to extra skills and niche knowledge, you will have higher job security and often be in higher demand.
  • More doors will be opened, including roles in senior management, civic projects, and government.
  • Graduate certificates are a great step towards a doctorate. You may use the credits acquired towards higher qualifications.

Online Engineering Graduate Certificate Specializations

Online Engineering grad certificates come in several specializations to help you forge a career path:

Aerospace Satellite
Graduate Certificate in Aerospace Satellites, Radars, and Remote Sensing

Science and engineering grads with a passion for space can enroll in a Graduate Certificate in Aerospace: Satellites, Radars, and Remote Sensing to level up their careers in this area of aerospace engineering.

Graduate Certificate in Bioengineering

A Bioengineering Graduate Certificate is a great addition to your biology and/or engineering degree to design artificial tools and systems based on the principles of biological systems. You can work in medical research, aviation, and other engineering areas depending on your experience and background.

Graduate Certificate in Biomedical Engineering

Biomedical Engineering is a niche of bioengineering that designs medical systems and devices. Examine and apply principles from biological systems for human health – for example, artificial limbs and medical engineering. A Biomedical Engineering Graduate Certificate is the perfect springboard to enter this medical engineering area.

Graduate Certificate in Civil Engineering

Public works require special engineering qualifications to manage and understand everything required in the building process. Civil Engineering Graduate Certificates are ideal for engineering graduates wishing to specialize in this area. Oversee projects such as housing estates, bridges, roads, and other infrastructure building.

Graduate Certificate in Electrical Engineering

Electrical Engineering Graduate Certificates enable graduates with a pre-existing engineering degree to adapt their knowledge for electrical systems. This means designing and building everyday devices and vehicles. Anything that uses electricity and electronics is a suitable career path for this engineering qualification.

Graduate Certificate in Energy Management

An Energy Management Graduate Certificate is a STEM qualification for those whose career aspirations lie in the logistics, delivery, and management of energy. You can work for the government or private contractors managing nuclear energy, in petrochemical exploration, and in the power supply network.

Graduate Certificate in Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering Graduate Certificates set you up for designing and researching mechanical systems. This includes the mechanics of vehicles, construction machinery, satellites, and manufacturing.

Graduate Certificate in Nuclear Engineering

Have a physics or related master’s degree and considering a career in nuclear power systems, military, or aerospace? Design the nuclear systems of tomorrow – including developing new materials and safety structures with a Nuclear Engineering Graduate Certificate.

Graduate Certificate in Semiconductor Processing

A Semiconductor Processing Graduate Certificate is for students trying to niche their technical understanding. This program is offered through several US universities, sometimes combined with doctorate level studies.

Graduate Certificate in Structural Engineering

Structural Engineering Graduate Certificates are for civil engineering grads who wish to explore career options in design and structural integrity. This includes buildings, vehicles, aerospace, and civil structures.