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Updated: Sep 24, 2021

A Business & Management Graduate Certificate is a program that can be taken after successful completion of a master's degree. These programs also go by several other names, including post-graduate certificate or post-master's certificate. These certificates are designed to enhance the existing graduate education and train the student in a niche area to open doors otherwise restricted or closed within the business field. The student gains superior knowledge, experience, and training in these niche areas.

Before embarking on such a certificate, it is important to know some key points:

  • Graduate Business and Management Certificates usually take a single academic year to complete (one year comprising two semesters)
  • However, part-time students may complete their grad certificate over two years
  • Colleges and universities vary in the number of credits they require for a business & management post-grad certificate. However, a certificate usually requires between 12 and 18 credits. Should the student later decide to pursue a Ph.D. in business, these credits may be used in support
  • Universities normally ask that applicants have a minimum 3.0 GPA, but prestigious schools may require a higher minimum GPA

Why Get an Online Graduate Certificate in Business & Management?

A Business and Management Graduate Certificate will:

  • Provide in-depth, specialist knowledge of a niche subject area
  • Give you access to more job roles requiring specialist training and / or licensure
  • Teach students niche business and management skills, opening the door to careers that are highly in-demand
  • Business & Management Graduate Certification holders usually experience higher pay and more job security
  • Signify to employers that you are a lifelong learner with a commitment to acquiring specialized business knowledge
  • May be another step towards doctorate-level pursuits

Online Business & Management Graduate Certificate Specializations

The following specialties and focus areas are available as Business and Management Graduate Certificates:

Graduate Certificate in Accounting

An Accounting Graduate Certificate is for finance and math professionals to develop advanced training and specialized skills. This includes access to more senior roles, professional positions, or the background for a freelance/independent accounting career.

Graduate Certificate in Actuarial Science

Graduate Certificates in Actuarial Science help graduates with math degrees specialize in this statistics niche area. It involves advanced statistical processes and detailed data. The main application is risk calculation; graduates may work in investment and insurance or other corporate roles.

Graduate Certificate in Applied Economics

Applied Economics Graduate Certificates enable students to dive deeper into the world of economics. Economists help governments and businesses plan and forecast regarding strategic planning and business analytics. Career options include government positions and corporate roles in finance and investment strategy.

Graduate Certificate in Auditing

An Auditing Graduate Certificate is for students with relevant business degrees who wish to enter business analysis. Auditors examine a business’ day-to-day management as third parties ahead of accounting. This grad cert will also help students achieve advanced licensing and examinations such as CPA, CIA, and CFE for higher-level job roles.

Graduate Certificate in Business Administration

Business Administration Graduate Certificates are useful across all types of business and in the charitable sector. Students will learn modern business administration, HR, marketing, and more, making them candidates for executive-level roles in most business applications.

Graduate Certificate in Business Economics

A Business Economics Graduate Certificate is for students who wish to take their business administration or economics qualifications into the corporate world. This certificate is suitable for executive-level roles, examining both the economic impact on the business and planning for future events.

Graduate Certificate in Data Analytics

Data Analytics Graduate Certificates develop your skills in data science and statistics for application in the real world. Typically, this is for business – areas such as finance and insurance – examining actual data for decision making and applying that knowledge to solve common business challenges.

Graduate Certificate in Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship Graduate Certificates are for graduates considering starting up a business. This certificate will advance your business skills to cover both advanced theory and practical applications. Entrepreneurs need a range of skills for their ventures including strategic management, marketing, and legal knowledge.

Graduate Certificate in Finance

Finance Graduate Certificates allow those with mathematics, business, and other related degrees to advance their careers toward financial modeling and strategizing for individuals and companies. This is a popular grad certificate for those working in accounts and bookkeeping, investments, and insurance.

Graduate Certificate in Human Resources

Human Resources Graduate Certificates are for business graduates who want to enter a career in HR working with internal company employees. With this certificate, you can manage employee processes such as mediation, payroll, benefits, and more.

Graduate Certificate in International Business

International Business Graduate Certificates are ideal for students considering working across borders in a globalized world. You will study a range of issues not included in other business degrees such as cultural considerations, ethics in global trade, and more.

Graduate Certificate in Nonprofit Management

A Graduate Certificate in Nonprofit Management is a specialty business graduate program designed for students wishing to enter nonprofit or charitable organization management. You will learn marketing, advanced fundraising skills, and more.

Graduate Certificate in Project Management

Project Management Graduate Certificates impart practical skills to business grads relevant to project lifecycles. Students develop the skills and tools for practical management. This is ideal for careers in leadership management, business mentorship, employee training and development, and performance assessment.

Graduate Certificate in Public Policy

A Public Policy Graduate Certificate is a type of business qualification that involves public decision-making and policy-making. Students examine existing public policies for local, state, or Federal government agencies and develop new policies. This certificate is also ideal for nonprofit professionals involved in government lobbying for public policy change.

Graduate Certificate in Sport & Fitness Administration

A Sport & Fitness Administration Graduate Certificate is designed for the athletic industry. Graduates considering a career as a gym director, managing professional sports franchises, or in public advocacy for health will benefit from this type of certificate. Other career options include sports law, contract management, and event management.

Graduate Certificate in Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management Graduate Certificates provide practical skills to business graduates and professionals in niche areas. You may develop your career towards logistics, procurement, transportation, and/or other supply chain issues.