Natural & Applied Sciences Graduate Certificates Areas of Interest

Updated: Mar 30, 2024

An online Natural & Applied Science Graduate Certificate is for students who hold a bachelor’s or master's degree in any Earth Science and wish to expand and incorporate other natural science skills into their careers. This type of graduate certificate (also sometimes referred to as a post-bachelor’s certificate, post-master's certificate, or post-graduate certificate) is useful when you need multiple, sometimes otherwise disconnected disciplines for a job role.

Some issues to consider as you investigate your graduate certificate options:

  • Online Natural & Applied Science Graduate Certificates usually take one academic year comprised of two semesters to complete
  • Colleges often permit flexible part-time online study, spread out over a longer period
  • The number of credits required to earn such a certificate varies between 9 and 36. The exact amount will be determined by the type of certificate chosen as well as the prior coursework completed
  • Graduate certificate credits are typically able to be applied toward a Master’s or Doctorate degree
  • Minimum GPA for admission varies by school – usually 3.0, 3.25, or 3.5

Why Get an Online Graduate Certificate in Natural & Applied Sciences?

When pursuing an online graduate certificate in Natural and Applied Sciences, you will:

  • Gain specialized knowledge in a specific natural science area, including niche skills and knowledge
  • Access to a larger number of jobs, especially those requiring cross-disciplinary skills
  • Experience greater job security and attractiveness to employers
  • Be eligible for jobs with higher salaries and more responsibilities
  • Access senior management, project management, and government careers
  • Be able to apply your graduate certificate credits toward a future master’s degree or doctorate, if desired

Online Natural & Applied Science Graduate Certificate Specializations

Online grad certificates in natural and applied sciences are available in the following subjects:

Graduate Certificate in Biomedical Sciences

Considering expanding your existing biology or healthcare master’s degree towards medicine and treatment research? A Biomedical Science Graduate Certificate may be what you need to enter a career where you can work developing prosthetics, researching pharmaceutical efficacy, and developing a range of other treatments in healthcare.

Graduate Certificate in Biomimicry

For professionals in the fields of design or engineering who want to focus on sustainability, a biomimicry graduate certificate can be an excellent educational addition. This certificate can lead to careers in biomimicry consulting, teaching, and more, all with a focus on sustainability.

Graduate Certificate in Biotechnology

Biotechnology Graduate Certificates are for medical and biology graduates who seek a career in developing the technology of the medical environment. This includes developing and researching prosthetics, as well as diagnostic equipment such as MRI scanners and ultrasound machines.

Carbon Management image
Graduate Certificate in Carbon Management

Science and business graduates looking to enter the environmental field may wish to pursue a Graduate Certificate in Carbon Management.

Graduate Certificate in Chemistry

Chemistry Graduate Certificates are qualifications aimed at STEM graduates in other areas who may be interested in upskilling or expanding their knowledge into chemistry. Careers include teaching, chemical engineering, nutrition & dietetics, forensics, and environmental chemistry.

Graduate Certificate in Environmental Hazard Mitigation and Restoration

Enrolling in a Environmental Hazard Mitigation and Restoration prepares students a career in the great outdoors restoring our natural resources and clearing man-made sources of environmental damage.

Graduate Certificate in Food Science

Food Science Graduate Certificates are for medical professionals or those with health and science backgrounds considering a career working with food. Your career options are diverse, ranging from dietician, food technologist, and food industry processing and safety (such as Quality Assurance).

Graduate Certificate in Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Graduate Certificates provide technical qualification for a range professionals related to the environment. These certifications allow candidates to acquire niche skills and knowledge for more job opportunities.

Graduate Certificate in Geospatial Intelligence

Geospatial Intelligence Graduate Certificates help you enter a career in this niche government/military area. Utilizing satellite technology to identify military buildup at borders, the best route for military strategy, and identifying possible sites indicative of breach of military treaty. Other careers include disaster relief and humanitarian work.

Graduate Certificate in Horticulture

If you have a background in biology, ecology, botany, or a related subject, a Horticulture Graduate Certificate may be ideal for you if garden cultivation or management careers are of interest.

Graduate Certificate in Mathematics

Mathematics Graduate Certificates are for STEM grads who wish to upskill or improve their math education, typically for a career change. It is ideal for anyone who wants to work in careers such as data processing and storage, bioinformatics, teaching mathematics, or working with space agencies that need complex mathematical analysis.