Psychology & Behavioral Science Graduate Certificates Areas of Interest

Updated: Feb 16, 2024

An online Psychology and Behavioral Science graduate certificate (also known as a post-bachelor’s, post-graduate, or post-master’s certificate) is a program where students who have already completed bachelor’s or master’s level studies in a related field can earn a niche certificate to help hone their careers. Such focus areas help psych and behavioral science graduates diversify or enter new areas of specialization.

There are several key considerations before embarking on such a certificate:

  • They typically take one academic year (full-time, two semesters)
  • Part-time students may spread the program over two years (one semester per year)
  • Depending on the university, anything between 12 and 18 credits or semester units may be required
  • Minimum GPA is typically 3.0, while some schools may ask for a minimum 3.5

Why Get an Online Graduate Certificate in Psychology & Behavioral Sciences?

In addition to your bachelor’s or master's degree, graduate certificates in Psychology & Behavioral Sciences:

  • Provide specialized knowledge in the chosen area for more focused careers
  • Improve general employability across the job market where social and behavioral science qualifications are required
  • Open doorways into senior positions, executive and board-level management, greater responsibility, and some Federal agency roles
  • Increase pay due to more demand for your niche skills
  • Result in greater job security due to specialized, transferrable skills
  • Can lead to enhanced professional networking and access to the community
  • Are a great springboard for graduate research programs such as a master’s degree or Ph.D.

Online Psychology & Behavioral Science Graduate Certificate Specializations

Psychology & Behavioral Sciences have the following online graduate certificates available to help you find and work towards a niche:

Graduate Certificate in Addiction Counseling

Addiction Counseling Graduate Certificates are for nurses and other health professionals wishing to expand their career into helping people with addictions, from substance abuse to gambling and everything in between. Career choices include counseling, nursing care, drug & alcohol awareness education, public health, and more.

Graduate Certificate in Applied Behavior Analysis

Applied Behavior Analysis Graduate Certificates are for psychologists, social workers, and other intervention professionals who want to understand behavior in adults and children. It imparts analytical skills along with empathy to encourage better behaviors.

Graduate Certificate in Applied Psychology

Applied Psychology Graduate Certificates are graduate-level qualifications for psychologists who wish to practice. You may work as a therapist or counselor, a clinical psychologist, or a forensic psychologist. It’s also useful for any role that requires applied psychology such as political campaigning and even marketing.

Graduate Certificate in Global Studies

Global Studies is a useful subdiscipline of sociology designed to promote cultural sensitivity across the world. A Graduate Certificate in this area will help students excel in a globalized world, whether they take those experiences into diplomatic service, business and trade, development in the third world, or other international relations.

Graduate Certificate in Organizational Behavior

Organizational Behavior Graduate Certificates are a niche qualification for psychology grads. They help develop an expert level of understanding human behavior in the workplace. Your career choices include some occupational health roles, human resources, and business consultancy.

Graduate Certificate in Peace Studies & Conflict Resolution

If you are considering a career in diplomacy, a Peace Studies & Conflict Resolution Graduate Certificate may be what you need. You can work as a trade negotiator, in the diplomatic service, and in government agencies such as the FBI and CIA.

Graduate Certificate in Rehabilitation Counseling

If you are considering a niche role in social work, a Rehabilitation Counseling Graduate Certificate can lead to a rewarding career. You’ll work with those suffering from substance abuse issues, mental and physical disabilities, Veterans, and others to help secure employment, resources, housing, and other independent living essentials.

Graduate Certificate in Social Work

Social workers help families, children, and those in need access crucial services and programs. A graduate certificate in social work can help professionals specialize further within the social work field, in areas such as gerontology or medical care.