Liberal Arts & Studies Graduate Certificates Areas of Interest

Updated: Apr 26, 2024

A Liberal Arts & Studies Graduate Certificate (sometimes referred to as a post-bachelor’s or post-master's certificate) is a specialized certificate within the field of Liberal Arts, most commonly aimed at students who already hold a bachelor’s or master's degree and want to hone their studies further. Liberal Arts encompass a broad subject area based on intellectual pursuits such as literature, humanities, creative arts, and much more. Those interested in one of the subject areas within Liberal Arts may wish to deepen their knowledge through a graduate certificate, which can often lead to expanded employment opportunities. Graduate certificates enable students to advance their education without having to enroll in a lengthy master’s or Ph.D. program, saving them both time and money. Here are some key things to consider before enrolling in a Liberal Arts & Studies grad certificate program:

  • Liberal Arts graduate certificates typically take around one year of full-time study to complete (depending on the subject area and prior education)
  • When available, part-time schedules may spread the program out over 2+ years
  • While the exact number of credits needed to complete a Liberal Arts grad certificate will vary from school to school, most programs require between 12 and 18 credits
  • A bachelor’s or master's degree in a related subject is typically required
  • For some career areas, additional certification and licensing may be required upon completing the graduate certificate program (for example, those who wish to teach, etc.)

Why Get an Online Graduate Certificate in Liberal Arts & Studies?

Earning a graduate certificate in the Liberal Arts & Studies field can:

  • Give you niche knowledge in a subject area you are passionate about
  • Open up a wider array of career opportunities
  • Boost employability across a range of sectors
  • Improve earning potential
  • Open up opportunities in leadership, management, and senior-level roles
  • Provide access to professional networking
  • Demonstrate your commitment to lifelong learning
  • Prepare you for further graduate or Ph.D. studies if you choose to continue your education (many credits can be applied toward a higher degree)

Online Liberal Arts & Studies Graduate Certificate Specializations

Liberal Arts & Studies graduate certificates come in a variety of specialty areas, including:

Graduate Certificate in American History

An American History graduate certificate program prepares students with the knowledge they need to fully understand the history of the United States. and to enter into a wide variety of American history-focused careers.

Graduate Certificate in American Revolution

An American Revolution graduate certificate program breaks down the events leading up to, during, and subsequent from the American Revolution, and prepares students for careers in a variety of settings.

Graduate Certificate in Ancient and Classical History

A graduate certificate covering the Ancient and Classical periods prepares students for careers in education, publishing, business management, and museums.

Graduate Certificate in Civil War Studies

Enrolling in a civil war graduate certificate program will equip students with the knowledge needed to become teachers, professors, journalists, historians, and archivists.

Graduate Certificate in Climate Change Awareness & Leadership

The Climate Change Awareness & Leadership Graduate Certificate prepares students for a career in climate justice, environmental leadership, and many other sectors.

Graduate Certificate in Creative Writing

Creative Writing Graduate Certificates are advanced qualifications for English grads who wish to enter creative writing as a career. This is typically suited for those who wish to become novelists or fiction writers, but it is also suitable for editing, screenwriting, poetry, and play writing careers.

Graduate Certificate in Digital Humanities

Digital Humanities is an applied method of delving into human sciences. These programs are ideal for students who seek niche skills in this field.

Graduate Certificate in English Literature

If you have a passion for the written word, an English Literature Graduate Certificate may be suitable for you. You will learn advanced analytics and comparative studies, among other things. Career choices include teaching literature in schools or colleges, reviewing books, and more.

Graduate Certificate in Environmental Planning and Design

An Environmental Planning and Design Graduate Certificate prepares students for careers planning environmental settings to prevent the impacts of things like erosion, floods, and symptoms of climate change. Learn about the programs available and the types of career positions that open up after completing your graduate certificate in this fascinating field.

Graduate Certificate in Linguistics

Those who seek a graduate certificate in Linguistics often come from a background in communications, creative writing, and language graduates. This certificate also helps those who have studied cultural disciplines.

Graduate Certificate in Philosophy & Ethics

Philosophy & Ethics Graduate Certificates are ideal for those with a liberal arts and studies background who wish to pursue a career in politics, government, academia, mediation, and much more.

Graduate Certificate in Sociology

Sociology is the study of human social relationships and institutions. This humanities subject is valued in various job roles and settings.