Criminal Justice & Administration Graduate Certificates Areas of Interest

Updated: Feb 17, 2024

An online Criminal Justice & Administration Graduate Certificate is an additional qualification after completing a bachelor’s or master's degree. You may hear them referred to by alternate names, including post-bachelor’s, post-graduate, or post-master's certificates. These certificate programs aim to impart additional knowledge and skills so the student may work in a particular niche with high-level specialist training. In some careers, the student will need prior expert knowledge to be eligible for the graduate certificate program.

Some key points to note before you apply for an online graduate certificate program:

  • Criminal Justice & Administration Graduate Certificates typically take one academic year (2-3 semesters) to complete.
  • Students may spread this out over a part-time schedule – ideal for those who work or have other commitments.
  • Total credits required vary between 9 and 36; each school uses its system to devise how many hours comprise a credit, and the student's prior education may determine the exact amount needed to complete the certificate. These credits are often applicable to a Ph.D. at the same university.
  • Most universities ask for a minimum 3.0 GPA, though some require higher.

Why Get an Online Graduate Certificate in Criminal Justice & Administration?

An online Criminal Justice & Administration Graduate Certificate will provide:

  • Specialized knowledge in the areas covered by Criminal Justice & Administration
  • Broader access to jobs that utilize niche skills and expert knowledge within the criminal justice industry
  • Graduate certificate students will typically have access to higher-than-average salaries
  • Job security is generally higher for Criminal Justice & Administration graduate certificate holders
  • Higher level roles and greater levels of responsibility are often accessed by earning a graduate certificate
  • Earning a graduate certificate in a skills shortage area will help to fill crucial gaps
  • Online grad cert programs are fast and flexible, offering another path to doctorate-level degrees – most universities allow you to use credits earned in a certificate program towards higher qualifications

Online Criminal Justice & Administration Graduate Certificate Specializations

Criminal Justice and Administration does not just concern courts of law; this is just one of the many specialties available. Others include:

Graduate Certificate in Counterintelligence

The Counterintelligence Graduate Certificate equips students for a career in national security and protecting the US from foreign espionage.

Graduate Certificate in Criminal Justice

A Criminal Justice Graduate Certificate is a great addition to your LLM or other law-based master’s degree. It helps students understand the full legal process from law enforcement to the court system. Career options are broad, including advocacy work, homeland security, and academic research in law.

Graduate Certificate in Criminology

Criminology is the study of crime and criminals with a focus on the human aspects of psychology and sociology. A Criminology Graduate Certificate will help graduates with expertise and qualifications in related areas to enter this scientific area of study.

Graduate Certificate in Cybercrime

The Cybercrime Graduate Certificate prepares students for a career in bringing perpetrators of cybercrime to justice. Holders of this graduate certificate can enter positions such as police officer, federal agent, and insurance fraud analyst.

Graduate Certificate in Digital Forensics

A Digital Forensics Graduate Certificate educates students on the fine interworkings of digital evidence and prepares them for careers such as detective, IT security, and investigative technician.

Graduate Certificate in Forensic Science

Forensic Science Graduate Certificates are for STEM graduates (usually chemistry and biology) wishing to use their science background in law enforcement. Students learn to use the scientific method to collect and analyze evidence for presentation in court. Popular job pathways with this certificate include crime scene investigating or working in labs executing experiments.

Graduate Certificate in Homeland Security

Homeland Security Graduate Certificates were developed to adapt to new global threats – particularly terrorism and cyberterrorism. This certificate program will help you enter careers with government agencies engaged in law enforcement, in private security, and in academia.

Graduate Certificate in Law Enforcement Administration

Law Enforcement Administration Graduate Certificates are for those who wish to work behind the scenes in law enforcement. This is a great certificate for those who have extensive field experience and now wish to put other skills to good use or for those who want to work in law enforcement intelligence and organization.

Graduate Certificate in Legal Studies

Aimed at non-practicing lawyers, a Legal Studies Graduate Certificate is for those who wish to set up law firms or manage teams of lawyers. It effectively teaches the commercial and logistical side of the law. Career options include academia and teaching, or roles as a compliance officer or contract negotiator.