Applied Global Stability Graduate Certificate Programs

Updated: Feb 18, 2024

There are many strategies for improving living standards through sustainable land
management. Professionals in global stability are needed in government, the private sector,
and non-profits to deliver a better, safer, and more sustainable future. We face so many
challenges of climate change, and of balancing conservation and ecology against the needs
of a growing population.

A graduate certificate in applied global stability for conservation and sustainability
professionals to work in a hands-on role anywhere in the world, being at the forefront of
delivering solutions.

What Are the Applied Global Stability Graduate Certificate Requirements?

To be eligible for this graduate certificate, you will need to fulfill a list of entry criteria. This
list typically looks like this though there may be some variation:

  • A relevant bachelor's or master's degree
  • Both degrees must be accredited; you should provide evidence of this
  • Submit transcripts as proof of your qualifications and grades
  • Professional restrictions may also apply, for example, places only offered to those
    with a substantial number of years of experience
  • If you are from a country where English is not the sole or main language, you will be
    expected to provide formal certification proving competency. Eligible standards
    include TOEFL, PTEA, and IELTS
  • Recommendation letters – can number two or three with employer references
  • Application fee and form

What Types of Classes Are Included in the Applied Global Stability Graduate Certificate Classes & Curriculum?

Applied global stability graduate certificates have a number of core courses and some
which are optional. Typically, this program offers a pathway (for example in water,
agriculture, or natural resources) which will direct your study. Course titles may include:

  • Global Stability
  • Advanced Agriculture Issues
  • Sustainability in Agriculture
  • Urban Horticulture
  • Capacity Building for a Changing Workplace
  • Managing Ecosystems
  • Animal Production
  • Biobased Fuels
  • Natural Resources Policy
  • Action for Sustainable Behavior
  • Sustainable Military Land Management
  • Cultural Resource Management
  • Ecology of Military Lands
  • DoD Sustainable Building and Infrastructure
  • Irrigation Systems
  • Biological Wastewater Processing
  • Water Resources Planning and Management
  • Statistics
  • Wetland Engineering
  • Pipeline Engineering and Hydraulics
  • Civil Engineering Project Management
  • GIS and GPS
  • Infrastructure and Utility Management
  • Computer-Aided Water Management
  • Water Resource Development
  • Water Law

What Type of Career Can I Pursue with an Applied Global Stability Graduate Certificate?

What careers could be open to you once you've completed the graduate certificate? Many
of the roles below depend on the extensive experience that you will have acquired prior to
studying the certificate:

  • Sustainability Executive: Overseeing massive projects for engineering projects from
    regional planning and development, in conservation, or resource management for
    commercial ventures
  • Agricultural Land Management: Working as an advisor or senior management to
    businesses responsible for agricultural production, ensuring best practices and policy
    for effective use
  • Conservationist: Working for a Federal body such as the National Park Service or any global
    equivalent ensuring that the conserved land and the people using it adhere to acts in
    accordance with the law
  • Urban Planning and Development: Sustainability requires not just rural strategies,
    but urban too. As so-called "15-minute cities" become a concept, more focus will
    direct to urban centers across the world
  • Water Management Executive: Urban, rural, agricultural, and conservation land
    often depend on effective water management to conserve the landscape.
    Environmental Consultant: Consultants work for themselves or for dedicated
    consultancies offering professional analyses and skills on a contract basis

Applied Global Stability Graduate Certificate Programs List

Interested in an applied global stability graduate certificate program? Check out our listings below to find a traditional, online, or hybrid program near you.


Colorado State UniversityFort Collins, COOnline - Applied Global Stability


Virginia TechArlington, VAOnline - Global Sustainability

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