Business Information Systems Graduate Certificate Programs

Updated: Mar 27, 2024
Business Information Systems Grad Certificates

This discipline is aimed at IT professionals with an interest or background in business and
communications. It is important to help businesses not just manage their information and
infrastructure, but to provide a robust framework for growing needs for the future.
Business Information Systems specialists are part of a growing movement of Business
Intelligence. Such graduate certificates are needed to provide current professionals with
advanced knowledge of data, the infrastructure to hold it, and associated applications.

What Are the Business Information Systems Graduate Certificate Requirements?

Graduate certificates require applicants to check a list of requirements and provide
evidence that they are eligible at the time of application. The requirements are usually:

  • An accredited undergraduate degree
  • Minimum entry grade of 3.0 on the 4.0 scale. However, if you have strengths in other
    areas that may mean you excel at study, exceptions can be made
  • Send transcripts at the time of application along with the fee
  • A statement of purpose – including why you wish to study this program at this
    university, and your past experience in this field
  • If English is not your first language, you will be expected to provide proof of formal
    certification TOEFL, PTEA, and IELTS. Others may be acceptable too – for example

What Type of Classes Are Included in the Business Information Systems Graduate Certificate Classes & Curriculum?

There are already several business information systems graduate certificates in the US with
more expected in the coming years. These programs have both mandatory and optional
courses to make up your credit requirements:

  • Business Intelligence
  • Information Technology and Project Management
  • Enterprise Computing and Systems Integration
  • Information Technology Management
  • Business Process Management
  • Managing Team Performance
  • Business Application Development
  • Business Data Management
  • Business Information System Design and Development
  • Project Management
  • Business Analytics
  • Telecommunications & Networking
  • Systems Security

What Type of Career Can I Pursue with a Business Information Systems Graduate Certificate?

This is a growing area taking advantage of the growing need for IT systems and emerging
technologies like AI and machine learning, among others. Roles you might work in include:

  • Information Technology Specialist: Working with computer systems solely, you'll
    find work in any business handling large data sets
  • Librarian: Depending on your background (for example a BA in library studies or
    archiving) the digitization of our libraries may be a great destination
  • Business Network Administrator: You will maintain, manage, and administer
    networks and all data that it holds, including hardware and security
  • Business Data Analyst: Here you'll be interpreting data rather than managing it,
    providing decision-makers with the information they need to make decisions – for
    example marketing
  • Computer Systems Analyst: This is more systems based; you'll look at existing
    networks and advise on things like upgrades and manage implementations for
    efficiency and cost savings
  • Information Systems Manager: Similarly, you'll work with systems to understand
    data needs rather than system needs and make improvements based on that
  • Information Security Analyst: You will analyze systems and the framework
    specifically for security vulnerabilities – firewalls, encryption, authentication, login,
    and virus protection
  • Database Administrator: You'll work with databases of software, including all data
    and the systems by which it is organized. You'll also be responsible for
    troubleshooting and optimization too
  • Data Scientist: If you have a background in data science with a focus on statistics and
    coding, you have transferable skills suitable for any business sector and also charity
    and government

Business Information Systems Graduate Certificate Programs List

Interested in a business information systems graduate certificate program? Check out our listings below to find a traditional, online, or hybrid program near you.


University of Arkansas at Little RockLittle Rock, ARGraduate Certificate in Business Information Systems


Colorado State UniversityFort Collins, COOnline - Business Information Systems Graduate Certificate


Southern Oregon UniversityAshland, ORBoth - Certificate in Business Information Systems

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