Dyslexia Graduate Certificate Programs

Updated: Jun 4, 2024
Graduate Certificate Programs in Dyslexia

As educators and education decision-makers become more aware of the unique needs of neurodiverse students, specialist teachers are needed to help those students, while regular teachers need skills to identify such students. Dyslexia, a learning disorder that affects reading, is one of the most common conditions students may need extra help with.

If you're a teacher or educator considering upskilling to help dyslexic students, you could benefit greatly from a dedicated dyslexia graduate certificate.

What Are the Online Dyslexia Graduate Certificate Requirements?

Teachers and education professionals considering an online dyslexia graduate certificate must have achieved a certain set of requirements in order for their application to be given consideration. This list usually covers:

  • A regionally accredited bachelor's degree in a relevant subject – like education
  • A minimum 3.0 GPA. However, be advised that some schools may have a higher entry GPA if they are of higher demand
  • Copies of your academic transcripts as evidence
  • The application form and the application fee – usually non-refundable
  • An official translation of your qualifications if the degree was granted outside the US
  • A personal statement may be required. In that statement, you must explain how your career will benefit and how you intend to use that qualification
  • Recommendation letters from academic sources – former college professors are preferred. Some schools will also accept employer references
  • A resume or CV
  • For international applicants who do not speak English as a first language, you will be required to provide proficiency. TOEFL is preferred, though schools vary on other standards they would accept which can also include IELTS.

What Type of Classes are Included in the Online Dyslexia Graduate Certificate Curriculum?

Dyslexia graduate certificates are comprised of courses covering the range of subjects you need to enter this education career. Courses are typically:

  • Neurobiology of Dyslexia and Language-Based Learning Disabilities
  • The Science of Reading
  • Assessment of Dyslexia and Language-Based Learning Disabilities
  • Structured Literacy
  • Diagnosis of Reading Difficulties
  • Formative Assessment and Interventions for Children with Dyslexia
  • Introduction to Dyslexia: Literacy Development, Language, and the Brain
  • Interventions for Students with Dyslexia
  • Intensive Reading Interventions and Supports for Students with Dyslexia
  • Reading Research for Literacy Leaders

What Type of Careers Can I Pursue with an Online Dyslexia Graduate Certificate?

Dyslexia graduate certificates develop your skills in education and related areas. It also opens a few new career doors that may not have been open to you before. Here is a selection:

  • Special Education Teacher: If you're already a qualified teacher, this graduate certificate will help you enter classrooms with dyslexic children to help them in the learning environment.
  • Private Dyslexia Tutor: Private tuition outside formal education can help neurodiverse children and adults in a one-to-one environment.
  • Disability Advocate: Working for charities and other advocacy groups, there is a range of jobs in which you can work – from lobbying the government for resources, or helping individuals raise awareness of their issues.
  • School Counselor: While you may not teach dyslexic children, your role will help them with academic struggles, access resources, and provide a range of counseling services.
  • Curriculum Developer: With many years of teaching experience, you could work for city or state government developing school curricula with a view to taking neurodiversity into account.

Dyslexia Graduate Certificate Programs List

Interested in a dyslexia graduate certificate program? Check out our listings below to find a traditional, online, or hybrid program near you.


Arkansas State UniversityJonesboro, AROnline - Dyslexia Graduate Certificate


Sacred Heart UniversityFairfield, CTOnline - Initial or Advanced Dyslexia Graduate Certificate


University of GeorgiaAthens, GAOnline - Graduate Certificate in Dyslexia

New Jersey

Fairleigh Dickinson UniversityTeaneck, NJDyslexia Specialist Graduate Certificate


Carlow UniversityPittsburgh, PAGraduate Certificate in Dyslexia Teaching

Rhode Island

University of Rhode IslandKingston, RIGraduate Certificate in Dyslexia Knowledge and Practice Curriculum

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