Catholic School Leadership Graduate Certificate Programs

Updated: Apr 23, 2024
Catholic School Leadership Graduate Certificate

Catholic schools are an important, integral part of the U.S. schooling system. As faith schools, there is a requirement for such teachers and school leaders to not just be of the faith but understand the importance of Roman Catholic teaching.

To help this area of schooling develop schooling professionals into leaders, there are a number of
available Catholic school leadership graduate certificates. These give you an advantage in entering Catholic schools.

What Are the Online Catholic School Leadership Graduate Certificate Requirements?

Academic institutions that offer Catholic school leadership graduate certificates will expect
applicants to have checked off a list of requirements:

  • A relevant accredited four-year bachelor’s degree in education
  • Many years of experience in education is preferred
  • A minimum 3.0 GPA on the 4.0 scale. Some may have higher, and others slightly lower GPA
  • Already working in a Catholic school or aiming for such a role
  • Academic transcript copies
  • A CV or resume
  • The application form included with the fee
  • The schools may ask for a personal statement
  • You may be required to attend a personal interview
  • Non-native speakers of English will be required to provide test scores from any number of
    permitted English language certifications, including but not limited to TOEFL, IELTS, and

What Kinds of Classes Are Included in the Online Catholic School Leadership Graduate Certificate Curriculum?

What course titles can you expect to encounter in the course of a Catholic school leadership
graduate certificate? The below will be a mix of mandatory and elective courses:

  • Fundamentals of the Catholic Faith for Catholic School Leaders
  • Leading for Catholic Mission
  • Applied Catholic School Leadership
  • The History, Philosophy, and Mission of the Catholic School
  • Catholic Schools and School Law
  • Non-Public School Finance and Development
  • Non-Profit Leadership for Catholic School Leaders
  • Strategic Resourcing
  • Strategy and Political Leadership in Catholic Schools
  • The Catholic School Principal
  • Organizational Leadership and Planning

What Type of Career Can I Pursue With an Online Catholic School Leadership Graduate Certificate?

The Catholic school leadership graduate certificate program opens a range of careers in this area of education:

  • School President: The head of the school, you will be responsible for overseeing the day-to-day functioning of the school. This role is less involved in teaching and more involved in logistics, management, and finances.
  • School Principal: The head teacher of a school, you are the public face of the school,
    responsible for teaching strategies and allocation of resources, and may have some teaching
    responsibilities as well.
  • Associate Provost: Working in colleges and universities, this is less about school
    management and more about strategic planning, outreach, teaching, and management
  • School / University Dean: Responsible for departments and overseeing major decisions, in
    the U.S., the Dean is the top administrator in a school.

Catholic School Leadership Graduate Certificate Programs List

Interested in a catholic school leadership graduate certificate program? Check out our listings below to find a traditional, online, or hybrid program near you.


Merrimack CollegeNorth Andover, MAOnline - Catholic School Leadership Graduate Certificate


St. Mary's University of MinnesotaWinona, MNOnline - Catholic School Leadership Graduate Certificate
St. Paul SeminarySt. Paul, MNOnline - Graduate Certificate in Catholic School Leadership


Creighton UniversityOmaha, NECatholic School Leadership Graduate Certificate


St. Joseph's UniversityPhilledelphia, PACatholic School Leadership Graduate Certificate

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