Communication for Conservation Graduate Certificate Programs

Updated: Dec 18, 2023
Graduate Certificates in Conservation Communications

Communication is a great skill to master, and a vital one in the age of media. On conservation issues, it's important that we have experts in the field able to talk to a range of groups and knowledge areas – from mass media to professional and academic communication.

This graduate certificate is for conservation graduates and nonprofit communicators who need the skills to explain their work to the media, public, investors, and government.

What Are the Online Communications for Conservation Graduate Certificate Requirements?

Prospective students are required to check a list of entry requirements beforehand and ensure they are eligible to apply. Admission requirements usually entail:

  • Any relevant regionally accredited bachelor's degree – business, environment, public policy, communications
  • Transcript copies in support of your application
  • Two or three recommendation letters
  • A statement of purpose explaining your intended future career path
  • Online application form and fees
  • International applicants who speak English as a second language or come from a country where English is not the only official language must take the certification to prove proficiency. TOEFL, PTEA, and IELTS are the most common standards

What Type of Classes are Included in the Online Communications for Conservation Graduate Certificate Curriculum?

There is presently one Communications for Conservation Graduate Certificate program in the U.S. Course titles are as follows:

  • Conservation Communication Fundamentals
  • Conservation Managers – Media Communications
  • New Media Communications for Conservation
  • Strategic Communications for Conservation
  • Conservation Crisis Communications
  • Advanced Communications for Conservation

What Type of Careers Can I Pursue with an Online Communications for Conservation Graduate Certificate?

Communications is an essential part of the conservation and environmental movement with career choices in plenty of areas. Here are some:

  • Conservation Communicator: You will be responsible for direct communication of information to whichever audience your employer generally reaches out
  • Communications Officer: Comms officers manage groups of communicators, deciding on strategy, outreach, and how to use resources
  • Marketing Manager: Marketing is a special type of communication focusing on driving sales, donations, awareness, and visitors rather than information
  • Environmental Writer / Journalist: Both traditional and new media require writers, often for different audiences
  • Environmental Project Manager: Some managers need communication skills, this depending on the project and the nature of the organization
  • Fundraiser: Whether appealing to the general public or corporate

Communications for Conservation Graduate Certificate Programs List

Interested in a communication for conservation graduate certificate program? Check out our listings below to find a traditional, online, or hybrid program near you.


Colorado State UniversityFort Collins, COOnline - Communications for Conservation

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