Biomedical Sciences Graduate Certificate Programs

Updated: Jan 22, 2024

If you are looking for a way to strengthen your resume and further your career opportunities, then you may have thought about a graduate certificate in the Biomedical Sciences. Online programs make pursuing this niche certificate much more convenient, especially for those currently employed. Learn more about the admission requirements, classes, and career opportunities of a graduate certificate in Biomedical Sciences.

What Are the Online Biomedical Sciences Graduate Certificate Requirements?

The requirements for an online biomedical sciences graduate certificate are going to vary significantly from program to program. A lot of programs tend to concentrate on a certain area. Therefore, they might have slightly different admission requirements for their specific certificate program. For example, admissions requirements may include:

  • Bachelor’s and master’s degree from accredited institutions
  • A minimum GPA of 2.8 out of 4.0 in all of the coursework that has been completed after high school
  • A personal statement explaining why the applicant would like to complete the certificate
  • Completion of the online application
  • Transcripts from all secondary educational institutions

For most programs, standardized categories are not necessary; however, a solid score on the GRE might be able to strengthen someone’s application. It is also a good idea for those interested in completing a grad certificate program in biomedical sciences to request strong letters of recommendation from prior teachers and professors. Even though these might not be required, they could make a significant difference in the final decision of the admissions board.

What Type of Classes Are Included in the Online Biomedical Sciences Graduate Certificate Curriculum?

In addition, the classes are also going to vary significantly from program to program. Some grad certificate programs are bigger than others and might provide more opportunities for coursework. Typically, around 18 credits are required to complete the certificate program.

Course titles may include:

  • Physiology for Health Sciences students
  • Special Topics in Gross Anatomy
  • Human Cell and Molecular Biology for the Biomedical Sciences
  • General Biochemistry

Students who are interested in augmenting their education with a biomedical sciences graduate certificate might have the opportunity to take other classes as well. For example, some students might be looking for classes that focus specifically on medical genetics. Other students might be looking for classes that focus on statistics, analysis, or even public health. Because a grad certificate in biomedical sciences is a relatively broad certificate, there should be ample opportunities for students to tailor their education to meet their needs.

What Type of Career Can I Pursue with an Online Biomedical Sciences Graduate Certificate?

After you complete your graduate certificate program in biomedical sciences, there are numerous career opportunities that are going to be available to you. Some of the career opportunities you might want to explore include:

  • Medical Research: Lots of people who complete this grad certificate decide to get a job as a medical researcher. The statistics training that professionals have after completing this certificate program can go a long way.
  • Teacher: Plenty of other professionals decide to go into teaching after completing a grad certificate in the biomedical sciences. In addition to teaching at the high school level, this certificate can also strengthen an application for lecturer and professorial positions as well.
  • Lab Tech: A graduate certificate in biomedical sciences can also make someone more competitive for a position as a lab tech.

Biomedical Sciences Graduate Certificate Programs List

Interested in a biomedical sciences graduate certificate program? Check out our listings below to find a traditional, online, or hybrid program near you.


University of Arkansas for Medical SciencesLittle Rock, AROnline - Regulatory Sciences


University of ArizonaTucson, AZOnline - Biomedical Sciences


University of California-San FranciscoSan Francisco, CAHybrid - Biomedical Sciences


Quinnipiac UniversityHamden, CTBiomedical Sciences

Washington, DC

George Washington UniversityWashington, DCOnline - Biomedical Informatics


Oakland UniversityRochester Hills, MIBiomedical Sciences
University of Michigan-Ann ArborAnn Arbor, MIHybrid - Biomedical Sciences
Wayne State UniversityDetroit, MIMedical Physics

New York

New York UniversityNew York, NYHybrid - Biomedical Sciences
Stony Brook UniversityStony Brook, NYHybrid - Biomedical Sciences


The University of Texas Health Science Center at San AntonioSan Antonio, TXHybrid - Biomedical Sciences
The University of Texas Medical Branch at GalvestonGalveston, TXHybrid - Biomedical Sciences

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